Tech-Transfer Process

People with a new ideas are called cranks by the time they succeed.
Mark Twain

Preparation is King
Excellent Business case and deal rational – understanding the market and its players – know your strengths and weaknesses –  “action!”

Research of interested partners – direct contact – ranking interest according to „best fit“ criteria – entering into a due diligence

Signing & Closing a deal
Coordination of due diligence and support in negotiations in order to signing a contract & close a deal

Support  in the transfer & integration process to reduce the cultural clash

What is IP?
Transferring technology from small, innovative units to the “sourcing-in” industry is gaining in priority and is used to secure future product pipelines.

An innovation has a subjective utility and value for a possible buyer or licensee, which is usually difficult to prove or represent.

In most cases, the marketing of a technology / innovation is much more successful on the basis of an extensive business case “in the language of possible buyers / licensees”.
Are we dealing with a solution to a problem? Or is a solution lookign for a problem?
And why has it not been solved yet?

We focus on mature Technology and Innovative Concepts with high up-side potential on a global basis.
Technology licensing and innovation transfer means less business risk for the innovator and can be more lucrative than setting up an own operation.

in brief: IP to market.